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They call me the Inkling! Actually, like, nobody does. Yet. You can call me the Inkling.

Sadness brought me here. Thanks.

I handeled the ink for the header image wearing a white shirt because I'm a savage. Yes, that's right, I did not steal some image from somewhere (this time), but broke out the camera.

Click above to check out the photo gallery :)

Besides that, on this site you can find:

  • Some excerpts from my notebooks. (Don't take 'em too seriously, but do admire how I fought the Javascript and mostly won)
  • A somewhat blursed garden. I'm gonna redo it sometime. Click the gate to enter
  • Click Neko in the corner to play catch with her (Neko was preinstalled on my first PC. Am I old yet?)

In the future, this site is hopefully going to contain:

  • more photos
  • some artwork
  • a contact form
  • a bookmark collection
  • free (legal!) Ebooks?